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We are a Locally owned Employment Agency specializing in the Manufacturing industry. Ontario Employment Direct matches the right staff with the right companies around the GTA. Your search for the Perfect candidate Happens here!

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Best Staffing Solutions For Your Business

Temporary Staffing

Often, when you need temporary staffing, you need it in a hurry. Or you might need a unique skill set. Whether you are reacting to a sudden need or managing a planned absence, there’s no reason you should compromise. We are here to Help!

Direct Placement

Hiring a permanent employee is not something to take lightly. We help you avoid potentially costly mistakes by carefully sifting through our pool of applicants to find the perfect fit. What’s more, if you are not 100% satisfied with the choice you’ve made, let us know, and we will propose a new candidate.

Employee Screening

So you ran an ad for an open position at your company and got lots of applicants. Now the real work begins choosing from among those candidates. We can help make selections down to a final and even conduct the interviews.